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Having grown up in Canada, Dennis learned to pilot a boat long before ever obtaining his Drivers License.
Spending his winters playing hockey among other winter related sports, he spent his summers (and any other available time) out on the water. Be it racing or fishing or anything of the sort, if it could be done on the water, he was doing it.
Fast forward to 1985. In search of a climate offering year-round boating weather, Dennis and his wife Laura-Marie chose to make San Diego their new home. Armed with many years of boating knowledge, both on the water as well as in the shop performing repairs, they chose to open Affordable Marine Service.
In the beginning Affordable Marine Service was just that. Affordable. Well, as affordable as any boat repair can be. And we all know how expensive it can be to maintain a boat. Yet, Dennis knew their was a need in the boating industry for quality boat service & repairs at a reasonable price.
Focusing mainly on dockside repairs, tools in the trunk of his car, he honed his craft throughout the marinas of San Diego county. As the business expanded, he grew with it and in turn opened up a home base with which to offer his professional services to the San Diego boating community.
Throughout the years Affordable Marine Service has grown to become the premier powerboat service and repair facility in San Diego. With well known clients such as Sea World and the U.S.C.G. having gained their trust, Dennis and the Team at Affordable Marine Service continue to deliver on their promise of high quality powerboat service & repairs at reasonable rates.

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After having spent the previous 35+ years in and around the boating industry you begin to think you've not only seen it all but heard it all as well.
Yet, as we all know, when it comes to boating and more specifically fishing, the tails... oops, I mean the tales can and often do border on the unbelievable.
That's not to say that everything you hear has been embellished by the teller, all in the hopes of adding to the excitement level but chances are there has been a bit of an addition to the truth somewhere along the line.
And when it comes to the repair side of the industry it's almost as if there's an invisible contest of some sort going on, with each repair getting even more creative than the next, all in the hope of winning a giant trophy.
But as it turns out all you win is a dry ride back to the dock.  And that in and of itself can be even more precious than you know. When the difference between getting back to the launch ramp in one piece or spending the rest of eternity talking to a volleyball, I'll take the launch ramp every time.
And it's along that line of thinking that has driven Dennis' passion to pass along the knowledge he's gained from so many years in the boating industry. Whether it be in the form of an Instructor, helping to teach newer crew members some of the ins 'n outs of the service and repair side of the industry.
Or be it more from a broader aspect, speaking at seminars as well as on radio programs, again all in an effort to help get the word out about just how amazing and multi-faceted the Marine Industry truly is.
For those that are starting out in the Marine field in one way or anothr, Dennis is also well qualified to help guide you in the best direction towards accomplishing your goals. Making the most of your attributes in the shortest amount of time.
If you feel that Dennis can be of service to you in any way, please feel free to contact him. It goes without saying that you'll be glad you did.

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